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Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych, zgodnie z treścią ustawy z 29 sierpnia 1997 r. o ochronie danych osobowych (Dz.U. 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926 z późn. zm.). Administratorem danych jest POSNET Polska S.A. z siedzibą w Warszawie (kod pocztowy: 02-281), ul. Municypalna 33. Dane przetwarzane są wyłącznie w celu udzielenia informacji w związku z zadanym pytaniem, w tym dla przygotowania i przedstawienia oferty handlowej. Wyrażona powyżej zgoda obejmuje również przekazanie przez Administratora danych osobowych, w ww. celu podmiotom trzecim – odpowiednio (zależnie od celu przetwarzania danych osobowych) dystrybutorom kas rejestrujących POSNET lub podmiotom prowadzącym serwis kas rejestrujących POSNET.*

Posnet Polska S.A. is a leader in fiscal devices on the Polish market. For over 20 years now, the company has been providing a range of innovative system solutions, among others: for the retail sector, HoReCa, and FMCG.

Posnet supports Polish entrepreneurs by providing them with devices and systems for complete equipment of cashier stations as well as customized solutions that meet the needs of each operation. Posnet focuses on constant development of products.

The high quality of their products is repeatedly confirmed by customers who awarded the brand with the Customer's Golden Laurel (Złoty Laur Klienta award) for the seventh time. Posnet is trusted by clients like Amrest, Ikea, H&M, Makro Cash & Carry, McDonald's, Media Markt, Tesco, Rossmann, PKN Orlen, Real, Play and many others.


Technical support

Marketing Department

Sales Department


Cash registers and fiscal printers

Fiscal terminals

POS terminals and touch screens ELO / Wincor Nixdorf

Devices for automatic identification


Our cash registers are created on the basis of needs analysis and diagnosis of customer expectations. Our devices are proven solutions and rich functionality enclosed in an extremely rugged housing. We offer cash registers adapted to each type of activity:

  • mobile – ideal for wireless working in the field,
  • small – designed for use in stationary commercial or service points with a small sales area,
  • medium – for stationary establishments of medium and high customer traffic,
  • system – for creating a flexible cashsystem.
  • Posnet Mobile EU

    Portable and durable
    Posnet Mobile EU
  • Posnet Bingo XL

    The newest from the classic line
    Posnet Bingo XL
  • Posnet Neo EJ Plus

    Posnet Neo EJ Plus
  • Posnet Ergo

    Suma wszystkich zalet
  • Posnet Mobile HS EJ

    The smallest cash register in the market
  • Posnet Neo XL

    Multifunkcjonalność w kazdych warunkach
    Posnet Neo XL
  • Posnet Bingo HS EJ

    Posnet Bingo HS EJ

Fiscal printers are devices designed to work with a computer equipped with software to manage the work of point of sale. The offer of Posnet fiscal printers is really wide: from Temo HS which fits in hand to the high-end Thermal XL. They are available in a version with an electronic copy of the receipt and the standard, paper one.

On the basis of our best printer - Thermal HD, we created a completely new group of products - fiscalterminals. Combining fiscal printer with a mini PC by Intel, we gave the customer the opportunity to create a cashterminal he needs.mobile – ideal for wireless working in the field.

  • Posnet Temo HS EJ

    Posnet Temo HS EJ
  • Posnet Thermal XL

    The diamond among printers
    Posnet Thermal XL
  • Posnet Thermal HD

    Printer for special purposes
  • Posnet Thermal FV EJ

    Posnet Thermal FV EJ

Posnet has a wide range of equipment for automatic identification. We are a distributor of brands such as Honeywell, Datalogic and Zebra.

The rich offer includes modern, professional and diverse in terms of equipment and dimensions devices, which provides customers with a wide choice of equipment perfectly suited to their needs.

  • Skanery

  • Kolektory

  • Drukarki etykiet

  • Weryfikatory cen

Posnet Polska S.A. distributes scales by DIGI. Our offer includes both simple scales (control and calculation), as well as platform/warehouse scales, scales for cash boxes, labeling weightsand multimedia scales. These solutions are suitable for retail outlets of all sizes and used in industry, catering, and logistics.

About 70% of the 20 largest retail chains in Poland uses equipment by DIGI.

Recently, our offer also includes a scales for cash boxes by FAWAG - POS TM - 15/1. FAWAG is a new brand in Posnet offer, which product portfolio will be continuously developed by us.

  • Checkout Scales

    DIGI DS-676H
  • Price Counting Scales

    Waga DS-781
  • Weighting Scales

    DIGI DS-560
  • Service Scale Printers

    DIGI SM-5100P
  • Multimedia Scales

    DIGI SM-5000BS
  • Compact Checkout Scales

    DIGI DS-980
  • POS Scale

    DIGI RM-5800
  • Wagi do integracji z kasami POSNET

    DS-1 FAWAG

Elo brand was founded at the beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century in the USA. The Company, Elo Graphics (first name of producer), created the first touch screen ever in 1974. Nowadays, Elo offers the widest range of models with touch screens,in several configurations, in our market. The main features of Elo's products is that it can work 24/7 without any problems and has a 3 year warranty.

Posnet Polska S.A. is a general distributor of Elo Touch Solutions products in Poland.

Wincor Nixdorf brand was founded by Heinz Nixdorf in 1952. German corporation that provides retail and retail banking hardware, software, and services. Posnet Polska S.A. is the general distributor of Wincor Nixdorf POS solutions with touch screens in Poland.

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